Tuxedo Style Guide

Jim's Formal Wear Tuxedo Style Index

Listed below are all of the tuxedo styles available for rental or purchase from your nearest Jim's Formal Wear Retailer, listed by style number. Click the coat name to see and learn more about that particular style.

StyleDesignerCoat NameColorLapelButtonsFit
921Michael KorsUltra Slim Performance LegacyBlackNotch2Ultra Slim
421Michael KorsUltra Slim Performance Wedding SuitBlackNotch2Ultra Slim
272Michael KorsUltra Slim Tan Performance Wedding SuitTanNotch2Ultra Slim
350Michael KorsUltra Slim Medium Grey Performance Wedding SuitMedium GreyNotch2Ultra Slim
302Michael KorsUltra Slim Blue Performance Wedding SuitBlueNotch2Ultra Slim
981Michael KorsUltra Slim Performance ForceBlackNotch2Ultra Slim
371Michael KorsUltra Slim Navy Sterling Wedding SuitNavyNotch2Ultra Slim
372Michael KorsNavy Sterling Wedding SuitNavyNotch2Slim
391Michael KorsUltra Slim Steel Grey Sterling Wedding SuitSteel GreyNotch2Ultra Slim
392Michael KorsSteel Grey Sterling Wedding SuitSteel GreyNotch2Slim
471Michael KorsUltra Slim Sterling Wedding SuitBlackNotch2Ultra Slim
472Michael KorsSterling Wedding SuitBlackNotch2Slim
991Michael KorsUltra Slim BerkeleyBlackNotch2Ultra Slim
990Michael KorsBerkeleyBlackNotch2Slim
202Allure MenUltra Slim Sand Brunswick SuitSandNotch2Ultra Slim
262Allure MenUltra Slim Heather Grey Clayton SuitHeather GreyNotch2Ultra Slim
211Ike BeharUltra Slim Cobalt Blue TribecaCobaltPeak1Ultra Slim
221Ike BeharUltra Slim Indigo Blue LaneIndigo BluePeak1Ultra Slim
201Kenneth ColeUltra Slim Burgundy EmpireBurgundyPeak1Ultra Slim
192Mark of DistinctionGranite Paisley AriesGraniteShawl1Slim
172Mark of DistinctionWhite Silver Paisley AriesWhiteShawl1Slim
182Mark of DistinctionBlack Paisley AriesBlackShawl1Slim
122Mark of DistinctionApple Red Paisley AriesApple RedShawl1Slim
132Mark of DistinctionCobalt Blue Paisley AriesCobalt BlueShawl1Slim
252Lord WestTan HavanaTanNotch2Slim
362Stephen GeoffreyHeather Grey AspenHeather GreyNotch2Slim
301Tony BowlsGrey PortofinoDark GreyPeak1Slim
822Stephen GeoffreyCyprusBlackShawl2Modern
852Stephen GeoffreyEmersonBlackNotch2Modern
802Stephen GeoffreyBlack TroyBlackNotch2Modern
751Ike BeharUltra Slim WaverlyWhiteShawl1Ultra Slim
712Stephen GeoffreyWhite TroyWhiteNotch2Modern
601Stephen GeoffreyIvory Classic ShawlIvoryShawl1Slim
602Stephen GeoffreyIvory TroyIvoryNotch2Modern