Service Centers

We work hard behind-the-scenes to guarantee exceptional customer service. Our seven strategically placed service centers and nine delivery hubs are the backbone of Jim's Formal Wear, ensuring clean, safe, and timely transport of your order.

Map of Jim's Formal Wear Service Centers and Hubs


In our 60 year history, we've rented over 20 million tuxedos and suits to satisfied customers. Your tux fits perfectly because each of our experts has on average over 10 years of experience outfitting customers in formalwear. This means no mistakes in measurement or ordering--and the knowledge to correctly answer any of your questions.


Our service centers stock 40 different tuxedo and suit styles, with thousands of colorful accessory combinations. Our experts take pride in making sure that you look your best on your big day.

Each year, we replenish our inventory to guarantee that our products are in top condition. Our inventory passes through seven rigorous quality assurance stations before it makes its way to you. We go above and beyond to ensure that you always have a great tux.


As soon as we receive your order, we quickly process and ship your tux. Our nationwide service center locations allow us to deliver your orders faster, accommodating even the most impromptu requests.

Our nationwide reach allows us to help you coordinate wedding plans with out-of-town groomsmen. We use the latest location mapping technology to find the optimal route for delivering the order to each member of your wedding party.

Our Green Practices

We believe that it's our corporate responsibility to become a leader in the formal wear industry by adopting green practices. Our service centers have implemented a variety of programs and best practices to minimize our carbon footprint including:

  • Establishing in-company recycling programs that re-purpose and re-use corrugated boxes, paper, plastic, and aluminum.
  • Using hangers made from recyclable materials and recycling the hangers at the end of their lifecycle.
  • Finding alternative outlets that aren't landfills for the disposal of discontinued garments and shoes.
  • Eliminating the use of hazardous materials for cleaning purposes.