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How To Tie a Self-Tie Bow Tie
Join Steve Davis, President of Jim's Formal Wear Company, as he shows you how to tie a Self-Tie Bow Tie, one of formalwear's most iconic symbols. Self Tie Bow Ties are available for purchase from your nearest Jim's Formal Wear Retailer. To find yours click here.
Folding a Pocket Square for Your Tuxedo - Five Techniques
Anna Kuhn, Jim's Formal Wear Marketing Analyst, shows you FIVE different methods of folding a pocket square to accompany your tuxedo ensemble. Don't forget the value of a pocket square and the splash of color it can bring to your tuxedo!
Jim's Formal Wear on T.V.
JFW's Tim Moran is interviewed about the latest additions to the Jim's Formal Wear Tuxedo and Accessory line - all of which can be rented or purchased through any of our 5000+ Retailers Nationwide!
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