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Frequently Asked Questions About Tuxedos and Formalwear
What are the most common lapel styles available with tuxedos?
The majority of tuxedos are designed using one of three main lapel styles: Notch, Peak and Shawl. Choosing the lapel style that is right for you is merely a matter of taste!
Notch Lapel Tuxedo Peak Lapel Tuxedo Shawl Lapel Tuxedo
A triangular indentation
is cut where the lapel joins
the collar
A broad V-shaped lapel that points up and out just below
the collar line
A smooth, rounded-edge
lapel shape
The Calvin Klein Radnor
is an example of a satin
notch lapel:
The Lauren Ralph Lauren
Saville features peak lapels
tailored in fine satin:
A sample of a classic shawl lapel design is found on the
Stephen Geoffrey Cyprus:
Calvin Klein Radnor Tuxedo Lauren Ralph Lauren Saville Tuxedo Stephen Geoffrey Cyprus Tuxedo
In addition, some of our more contemporary and fashion-forward styles will go one step further when it comes to lapel design... hints of a basic lapel are still present in some of these styles, but there's usually a little twist added to the shape and fabric.
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