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Fusion Designs
Fullback Vests, Ties
and Pocket Squares
Available in 45 colors!
Ties include Solid Windsors, Vine Windsors, Diamond Windsors and matching Bow Ties.
Solid pocket squares are also available to add a splash of color to your tuxedo.
We Have Your Color!
See the Synergy Color Selection below.
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Match Wedding Colors Exactly!
Concerning Color:
Computer monitor settings will vary. Great effort was made to ensure color accuracy on this page. However, for the best color representation through actual fabric swatches, please visit your nearest Jim's Formal Wear Retailer to see the Tuxedo & Accessory Collection catalogs!
Jim's Formal Wear Tuxedo and Accessory Collection Catalogs
Click a swatch to launch the color in The Tuxedo Builder!
Black Black/White Pewter Silver Platinum
White Ivory Champagne Golden Latte
Truffle Sunflower Canary Brite Orange Coral
Guava Pink Fuchsia Lite Watermelon Watermelon
Pomegranate Ferrari Red Apple Red Regency Violet
Viola Plum Lavender Bali Lavender Wisteria
Purple Rain Eggplant Purple Storm Cobalt Horizon
Ocean Blue Malibu Dark Turquoise Teal Kelly Green
Clover Capri Mint Lime Green Silver Metallic Gold Metallic