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Tango Fedora Hats,
Hat Bands and Scarves
Available in 13 Colors!
Take the latest fashion trend in hats, the fedora, and add it to your tuxedo as an accessory option!
For added color, stylize your fedora with a colorful Tango Hat Band and Scarf.
Coordinate your Hat Band and Scarf with the Tango Fullback Vest Collection.
Men's and Boys' sizes available.
Please Note:
These items are for purchase only; contact or visit your Jim's Formal Wear Retailer for details.
We Have Your Color!
See the Tango Hat Band and Scarf Color Selection below.
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Concerning Color:
Computer monitor settings will vary. Great effort was made to ensure color accuracy on this page. However, for the best color representation through actual fabric swatches, please visit your nearest Jim's Formal Wear Retailer to see the Tuxedo & Accessory Collection catalogs!
Jim's Formal Wear Tuxedo and Accessory Collection Catalogs
Bali Silver Harvest Gold Bali Peach

Petal Pink

Bubblegum Pink
Fuchsia Capri Red Eggplant Bali Lavender Powder Blue
Royal Blue Rio Turquoise Capri Mint